Key Features & Benefits of IIFII® Certifications

Key Features & Benefits

Key Features & Benefits of IIFII® Certifications - IIFII®

  • Employability:
    Boost your career prospects and probability of being hired by getting IIFII® professional certifications that are globally recognized and accredited by the standard setters and Shariah experts.
  • Recognition:
    Become a recognized and accomplished professional by earning IIFII® credentials in the industry as well in the globally competitive workplace. Our qualifications are professional in nature and methodology, plausible in terms of cost and time and well known.
  • Competence:
    Enhance your knowledge and skills on Islamic finance and build your career based on the acquired competencies.
  • Career Advancement:
    Progression in career is ensured when you have an IIFII® credential. Place your career on a fast track by getting IIFII® certifications.
  • Networking:
    Associate yourself with fellow professionals from around the world by enrolling in our certification programs.
  • IIFII® Benefits
    • Grab an opportunity to become an IIFII® exclusive member by acquiring our CPIB® certification.
    • Avail great discounts of up to 30% on IIFII® memberships.
    • Enjoy concessional pricing to attend IIFII® trainings and events.