Methodology - CPIB®

The competitive and distinguishing factor of the certification is that the course is not based on the old and hackneyed method of sending e-books and study material through emails and afterwards the evaluation is based on assignments submission. The value-based CPIB® is totally different from the already available distance learning and so-called online diplomas and courses. The course is delivered 100% online through our website to provide the students a complete e-learning experience, and once the coursework is completed, an online exam will be conducted to assess the performance of the candidates to finally award them the certificate after successfully qualifying the online exam. Following is the step-by-step process from beginning to the completion of the certification:

Step 1: Enrollment & Registration.

  • Complete enrolment form and register for the course by making the payment to one of the given IIFII Bank Accounts.
  • Receive login details.
  • Acquire access to the premium online study content.
Step 2: Study Online & Enjoy a Great Learning Experience.

  • The course is delivered fully online through IIFII website.
  • Avail learning resources like CPIB® study material, faculty/academic support through email and online module quizzes.
  • Choose your own pace and study at your own convenience.
Step 3: Attempt and Qualify the Online CPIB® Examination.

  • Attempt CPIB® exam at your convenience at any time after registration.
  • The examination must be taken before the end of four months period.
  • Qualify for the award of CPIB® certificate by scoring 60% marks in the exam.