CPIB® stands for Certified Professional of Islamic Banking® – a professional certification program which is delivered fully online through our website and is designed to acquire accelerated and to the point knowledge of Islamic banking and finance.
The course curriculum of CPIB® is fully Shariah compliant and in compliance with global Shariah standards set by internationally recognized bodies like AAOIFI. The course is designed by leading Shariah and banking experts and not by academics or educationists.
CPIB® is a four months course; the time can be extended as per students’ requirement after paying extra fee for increase in the study period.
CPIB® is open to all individuals with any academic, religious or professional background. There are absolutely no eligibility requirements in terms of education, experience or age.
CPIB® is an internationally acknowledged qualification, in compliance to Shariah standards and accredited by the top world scholars on Shariah and Islamic finance. To know more about the benefits of the certification, click here.
CPIB® is very affordable especially when compared to other so called distance learning Islamic finance courses and online diplomas etc. For fee details, click here.

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