Values - IIFII®

  • Faith:in beliefs and in the abilities of people that are part of this institute, from our Shariah scholars and experts to our employees, and from our members to students, we fully understand the importance of faith in Islamic finance principles and in our capabilities.
  • Justice: in everything we do, from our students to our clients, from our members to our corporate associates, we believe justice as fundamental to all our dealings. We strive to ensure transparency, fairness and objectivity at every step and in every process
  • Integrity: and honesty is our core principle and must never be compromised in any way or under any circumstances. Be it our employees, experts, members or students, we believe dignity lies in integrity.
  • Research: is key to knowledge and we fully understand this fact and hence all our products & resources are fully backed by a reliable and solid research-base. From disseminating education and awareness and from publishing and training we believe research is crucial to strengthening and achieving objectives.
  • Courtesy:and politeness in communicating and interacting with all our stakeholders, makes sure that golden principles of morality & ethics are adhered to.
  • Innovation:and creativity in all our products, processes and services underpins our drive to lead and succeed.
  • Commitment:and devotion to our principles and our people i.e. our stakeholders – makes IIFII® an organization that is distinguished in every respect.