Advocacy - IIFII®

IIFII® endeavors to reach out to individuals, organizations, publics and governments around the world on behalf of Islamic banking and finance professionals to promote and flourish the profession and to educate, influence and persuade the key stakeholders for the development of Islamic finance globally.

Islamic finance operates in the face of fierce competition with the formidable conventional/interest-based system. Besides this, unfortunately there are still reservations of general masses about Islamic finance being only a label and a mirage. These factors make the advocacy and awareness efforts for Islamic finance even more necessary. IIFII® supports and appreciates all efforts to raise awareness about Islamic banking and finance. The objective is not only to dispel and rebut the negative perceptions and attitudes towards the alterative financial system but to also enhance the knowledge and awareness levels of all the key stakeholders, for a greater objective of collective welfare of the people through a more just, transparent, and risk-sharing financial system.

At IIFII®, we believe knowledge leads to awareness and awareness comes by engaging the stakeholders at all levels and through all the channels like the press, social and electronic media and through all other available means to make sure our voice is heard.

Goals of our Advocacy Endeavors:

  • Recognition of Islamic finance globally beyond boundaries of religion, race, territory and geographic location.
  • Realization of the fact that Islamic finance is a more viable, transparent and fair financial system as opposed to the interest based finance system.
  • Respond aptly and effectively towards the challenges faced by Islamic finance professionals by providing facilitation, capacity-building, training and support.