Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership - IIFII®

IIFII® has a unique membership opportunity for organizations like companies, business enterprises and entities like associations, firms, and universities. All such bodies can join IIFII® in the capacity of institutional members. The institutional membership entails several valuable benefits including huge discounts on all IIFII® offerings like events, trainings, and publications etc. If your institute intends to have a distinguished status in terms of recognition as an elite entity dedicated to professional and ethical business & finance practices and procedures then IIFII® institutional membership is the most suitable opportunity. Besides many great IIFII® benefits, following are some of the key features of institutional membership:

  • Partner with IIFII® in various ways like events sponsorships, advocacy and advertising.
  • Showcase your organization Name/Logo on IIFII® website and other IIFII® materials.
  • Consultancy & Advisory with reference to ethical/Shariah-compliant business and investment decisions at especially concessional rates.
  • Exclusive Training avenues from IIFII® specifically for our institutional members.
  • Collaboration in intellectual and research activities through active participation by our institutional members.
  • Member-specific trainings, events, advisory and customized solutions in all the areas and domains including (but not limited to) business processes and operations, investment and financial planning and decision making, management strategy and consultancy.
  • To know more about the institutional member benefits, please click here.

Institutional Membership Fee

The institutional membership fee structure:

Joining Fee for New Institutional Members $90
Annual Membership Fee for Institutional Members $360
Life Membership Fee for Institutional Members $3240