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Exclusive Membership - IIFII®

Exclusive membership of IIFII® is a celebrated proposition in terms of career and expertise. This membership category gives the members the special right to use distinguishing designation of AIIFII (Associate Member of International Islamic Finance & Insurance Institute) and FIIFII (Fellow Member of International Islamic Finance & Insurance Institute) after their names.

The exclusive membership contains many exciting benefits. For details of IIFII® exclusive membership benefits, please see Exclusive Membership Benefits. Following are some of the key incentives, for our valued exclusive members:

  • Privilege to use the distinguishing designation of AIIFII (Associate Member of IIFII®) and FIIFII (Fellow Member of IIFII®) after your name. A designation that highlights your expertise and association with a globally known professional organization.
  • Obtain a special Certificate and a Membership ID to reflect your association as exclusive member of IIFII®.
  • Acquire a corporate email ID from IIFII® along with other member benefits to show-case your affiliation with IIFII®.
  • By acquiring IIFII® certification of Certified Professional of Islamic Banking – CPIB® and exclusive membership status, you can effectively put your career on a fast-track and explore greater career opportunities.
  • Huge discounts on IIFII® offerings including trainings, events and publications.
  • Access to IIFII® members-only knowledge center and other knowledge resources.
  • Publish your research output like articles, papers, reports, essays etc with IIFII®.
  • Career and Research guidance by IIFII® experts and scholars.
  • Islamic finance and Shariah Advisory services for you or your organization on subsidized rates and special discounts.
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Annual Fee US$ 120 €EUR 100 Rs. 12,000 GBP 80 AED 440 RM 425

There is also a one-time joining/processing fee of US$ 30| €EUR 25| Rs. 3,000| GBP 20| AED 110| RM 105 for new members.