Exclusive Membership Benefits

Exclusive Membership Benefits

Exclusive Membership Benefits - IIFII®

There are great benefits and marvelous propositions for our exclusive members. The following conditions are mandatory for attaining IFII® Exclusive Member status:

(i) The candidate should be a holder of IIFII®’s CPIB® certification.

(ii) The candidate should have at least two years experience in any of the following fields/domains in any capacity i.e. in the role of practitioner, member, professional, academic, regulator etc.

  • Islamic Banking
  • Islamic Finance (other than Islamic banking/insurance e.g. Islamic mutual funds, Islamic bonds – Sukuk, Islamic capital markets or Islamic microfinance etc)
  • Islamic Insurance/Takaful
  • Islamic Accounting/Financial Standards/Framework
  • Shariah Advisory/Regulation/Control/Supervision/Audit

The exclusive member incentives include:

  • Prestige & Reputation
  • Professional Networking & Relationships
  • Career Growth & Progression
  • Knowledge & Guidance
  • Discounts & Awards